Grandpa Writes Harsh Letter to Daughter, Shames Her For Disowning His Gay Grandson

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An unnamed grandfather recently penned a letter to his daughter, criticizing her for the homophobia that apparently led her to disown his gay grandson.

The letter has since gone viral after FCKH8, the gay rights group that first obtained the note, shared it on Facebook and captioned it simply, "Go Grandpa!"

The group says they "were blown away by how this guy stands by his grandson and stands up against his own homophobic daughter. This is real love!"

The letter came in response to the "hurtful, narrow-minded and backwards" daughter, who had kicked her son out of the house after learning he was gay.

This isn't the first letter to make the online rounds after someone came out as gay, but is particularly moving coming from a grandpa raised in another era.

It certainly flies in the face of the stereotype that people from older generations are less likely to be tolerant and accepting of such family and friends.

He's not pleading with Christine to accept the boy, either. He's hurt by her actions, which he calls the real "abomination" and "shame" in the family.

While we're on the subject of disowning people, he adds, considering it done - at least until this mom finds her heart, in which case give us a call.

Some have, inevitably, questioned whether the letter is real. We'd welcome any insight you can provide on that, if you have any one way or the other.

But regardless, the message resonates. Don't you agree?

Grandfather's Letter to Daughter
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