Blizzident Toothbrush: Too Good to Be True?!?

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Tired of taking anywhere nearly a minute-and-a-half to clean your teeth every morning and night? Let's face it: We all are.

Fortunately, the Blizzident toothbrush now exists.

Costing a mere $299, this invention looks a lot like a mouth guard with bristles… but it lasts for a year and it can allegedly get the cleaning job done in six seconds. Yes, six seconds!

Spokesman Chris Martin claims the Blizzident makes brushing your teeth "as easy as biting into an apple."

“The intent was to create a tool that simply cleans perfectly everywhere,” says Martin. “The six-second brushing time was just a side effect of the invention, but that was not even intended.”

Does the device truly work, though?

Dr. Mark S. Wolff, who works at the New York University College of Dentistry, questions the invention's efficiency, telling ABC News:

"There’s some things that don’t make sense about this," while acknowledging that that the Blizzident is a "novel idea" and could maybe, possibly work. But the fluoride in one's toothpaste needs at least a minute to work effectively.

“I guess [it's] for the man who has everything," Wolff concludes.

You heard him, Jay-Z! Go buy a Blizzident and tell us if it works.

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