Ross Is Not Cool: Graffiti Insult Targets David Schwimmer's NYC Building

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Friends' David Schwimmer is not being welcomed with open arms in New York City's East Village, where a neighbor left a hilarious graffiti insult for him.

An unknown tagger took to the construction zone outside of Schwimmer's newly built mansion on East 6th Street left him a spray-painted note. It reads:

"Ross Is Not Cool."

To make the target even more obvious, the reference to his Friends character, Ross Geller, also includes an arrow drawn beside it pointing to the actor's home.

The latest sign of tension between Schwimmer and his neighbors was photographed last week by a passerby before workers painted over the tag.

The 46-year-old purchased the five-story townhouse for $4.1 million in 2010 and proceeded to demolish it in order to build a 9,000-square-foot abode.

Local residents were upset because the property, built in 1852, was “one of the finest homes in the East Village" and the oldest on the entire block.

The structure was even being considered for landmark status before Ross decided to raze the thing for his upgraded, custom-built digs.

Not cool, Geller. Not cool at all.

Ross is Not Cool
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