NCIS Season Premiere Recap: Where Are You, Ziva?

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NCIS returned for its 11th season Tuesday night with the first half of a two-episode farewell arc for Cote de Pablo's Ziva David. The most interesting part?

Ziva did not appear in the episode.

We saw her do a little bit of texting and instant messaging, from Tony's perspective, but there was no sign of the missing agent throughout the premiere.

We began four months from where we saw Gibbs had Fornell in his sniper rifle's crosshairs at the end of Season 10, to the start of the secret mission.

Immediately, the Secretary of the Navy dies in an explosion at a gala. This changes Parsons' perspective on the man he has been trying to put away.

Gibbs, following a lead to Iran, is nearly ambushed in the street, only to be rescued by Parsons and to realize he was being set up. But by whom?

DiNozzo is also ambushed back in D.C., McGee has his phone tracked and Ducky (amusingly) knocks out an intruder trying to sabotage the evidence data.

Basically, the NCIS team is being targeted and we have no idea why. Then Fornell enlightens us that the bad guy in question is likely Benham Parsa.

The terrorist is working with U.S. business leaders to coordinate acts of violence and lucrative rebuilding contracts that will inevitably follow.

Yes, mass murderers and MBAs working together.

Parsa didn’t think NCIS would go along with the shady arrangement that other agencies knew about, so launched an attack against Gibbs’ team.

Next on Parsa’s list is Ziva, given her connections to Eli David, whose murder from the middle of last season continues to carry lasting repercussions.

Tony enlists Ziva’s Israeli friend, Adam Eshel, to track her down, but by the time he does, he finds several dead corpses and Ziva’s Star of David necklace.

The Final Goodbye is next week (see promo above), but this episode closes with Tony speaking for all of us: “Talk to me Ziva…. Where are you?”

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