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Henry Bromell won a posthumous award for the Homeland Season 2 episode “Q&A” at the 2013 Emmy Awards last night. The writer passed away in March.

His widow, Sarah Bromell, accepted his award and noted how hard he and the Homeland crew worked on the episode that was pivotal for Season 2.

The Outstanding Writing Emmy marked a tribute to his career, and Claire Danes, who won for Outstanding Lead Actress, remembered him as well:

“He was a brilliant person and so kind, and we continue to think of him every day as we work on the show he helped define,” she said of Henry Bromell.

His widow noted how pivotal that episode was to Homeland Season 2.


“It was like a little movie and it was really difficult to figure out how to do it,” Sarah Bromell said. “They found a really beautiful solution to the problem.”

“It was a huge puzzle piece in the whole season.”

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Bromell noted that Homeland was a fitting closer to her husband’s career, which included shows like Homicide, I’ll Fly Away and Northern Exposure.