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Gia Allemand’s relationship with NBA star Ryan Anderson continues to be the focal point of coverage of The Bachelor star’s tragic suicide last week.

Earlier today, it was reported that Anderson broke up with her, or was in the process of doing so, just hours before she decided to take her own life.

Now, Us Weekly‘s new cover story claims that the New Orleans Pelicans player “started breakup talks” and that “they were fighting a lot.”

One insider says that The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad beauty, who dated him for over two years, was upset with their disparate visions of the future.

Not surprisingly, the big issue at stake was commitment.

Gia Allemand, 29 at the time of her death, wanted to get married and have a family, the source says, but Anderson, 25, “wasn’t ready to commit.”

As a result, the two argued constantly.


Incidentally, it was Ryan Anderson who found her hanging in her New Orleans home on Monday, August 12; Gia Allemand died two days later.

Anderson called 911 but was unable to revive Allemand with CPR. She was placed on life support at the hospital, but taken off it on August 14.

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Speaking about Gia in a statement just hours after her death, Anderson said he was “deeply grateful” for the love and support he had received.

“Gia was the most beautiful person I knew inside and out, and she always smiled and made everyone else around her smile,” the athlete noted.

“All I have left is to cherish those memories we made together,” he added, and “to help perpetuate the many values, faith, and love that we shared.”

“She had an amazing impact on my life and anyone that knew her was blessed.”

While no one could have seen warning signs that would have indicated she was so distraught, it’s clear she was battling some serious inner demons.