Lego Marvel Super Heroes Trailer: Hulk SMASH!

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Lego has a lot of irons in the fire this summer with the The Lego Movie trailer being released, the news that there will be a Lego game based on that movie, as well as their new Lego Marvel game coming out.

Understandably, people are confusing the three. This Lego Marvel Super Heroes trailer is for the game in which The Avengers come to your console and cause brick breaking fun. 

The chance to play as Hulk, Rhino, or Colossus? How about Juggernaut and Kingpin? Sign me up.

It was also announced at Comic-Con that Stan Lee will have a character in Lego Marvel Super Heroes! Now we can all play along and pretend we are the mastermind behind a massive comic book universe, which might be more exciting than playing as Iron Man.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes will be released on October 18th and will also be available on the next generation PS4 and XBoxOne.

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