Emma Roberts: The Next Lindsay Lohan?

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Emma Roberts' domestic violence arrest stunned the public last week, but to some of the star's friends, it wasn't as big of a surprise as you'd think.

In fact, they fear she's headed down a dark path a la Lindsay Lohan.

Roberts, E.

Believe it or not, 22-year-old Emma - Eric Roberts' daughter and Julia Roberts' niece - has become deeply immersed in the L.A. party scene.

It started, allegedly, when she broke up with Chord Overstreet.

When she and the Glee star split up, she started hitting the clubs hardcore and surrounding herself with a crew that may not be the best influence.

Because Emma won't acknowledge any change or problem, friends can't get through to her. That includes after her alleged fight with Evan Peters.

Roberts wouldn't talk to her friends about the incident with her boyfriend, instead, acting like nothing happened after he declined to press charges.

It's unclear what led to the fight or if she was partying beforehand, but people worry after she gave Peters a bloody nose and a bite mark (allegedly).

Since she won't even acknowledge this, they're even more alarmed that they may have another Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes on their hands.