Despicable Me 2 Reigns Again, Leaves Pacific Rim at Bottom of Ocean

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If you were to compare Pacific Rim reviews to Grown Ups 2 reviews, there would be little doubt as to who would win the box office this weekend. 

Grown Ups 2 Movie Photo

But in another example of the public disagreeing with the critics, Pacific Rim came in third place this week to a now twice-victorious Despicable Me 2 and Adam Sandler's Grown Ups 2

Even though Despicable Me 2 took an almost 50 percent cut in revenue its second week out, it still beat Guillermo Del Toro's robots... handily.

Just goes to show, you can spend $190 million on making a movie and it doesn't mean you won't get beat out by a giggling Twinkie.

As for last week's big flop? Well, The Lone Ranger came in a distant fifth, being topped by The Heat, in its third week at the box office. Ouch.

This weekend's Top 10:

1. Despicable Me 2, $44.7 million
2. Grown Ups 2, $42.5 million
3. Pacific Rim, $38.3 million
4. The Heat, $13 million
5. The Lone Ranger, $11 million
6. Monsters University, $10.6 million
7. World War Z, $9.4 million
8. White House Down, $6 million
9. Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain, $5 million
10. Man of Steel, $4.8 million

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