Asiana Plane Crash Victim: Killed by Rescue Vehicle?

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With details still coming in regarding the tragic San Francisco plane crash that claimed two lives on Saturday, officials are now wondering:

Did one of the victims get run over by an emergency vehicle on the way to the scene?

San Mateo County Coroner Robert Foucrault says his office is conducting an autopsy to look into this possibility, as one of the bodies found on the runway was located about 30 feet away from where the Boeing 777 came to a stop, near an inflated emergency slide.

SF Plane Crash Pic

Said San Francisco Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White to The San Francisco Chronicle:

"As it possibly could have happened, based on the injuries sustained, it could have been one of our vehicles that added to the injuries, or another vehicle. That could have been something that happened in the chaos. It will be part of our investigation."

Foucrault expects his autopsy to be completed today and hopes it will determine if the 16-year old was killed as a result of the plane crash or a "secondary incident."

Both victims were 16 years old and of Chinese descent. They were pronounced dead at the airport.

Among other news items related to the crash:

  • Federal safety officials confirm the plane was flying too slowly as it approached San Francisco airport. It tried to abort the landing seconds before impact.
  • A spokeswoman for Asiana Airlines has confirmed the pilot, Lee Kang-kook, was in training and this marked his "maiden flight to the airport with the jet."