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Rumors that a hot romance is brewing between Selena Gomez and Austin Mahone, though that may just be the celebrity gossip rumor mill working overtime.

The two were spotted spending some time with friends at Disneyland Wednesday, and have become “really good friends and have a lot of fun together.”

But is Selena really dating a guy who’s been called the next Justin Bieber?

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As delicious as that would be, the two are not romantically involved, sources close to them insist … though she may be hooking up with Ed Sheeran.

In any case, Gomez has certainly been out and about, enjoying quality time with family and friends following her split with the actual Justin Bieber in May.


She was candidly asked if she was single on Kiss 108 in Boston recently.

“So, sometimes you may see a boy walking down the street, and he says, ‘Let’s grab an ice cream’ … you’re available?” asked the radio host.

“Yep,” Gomez replied.

“You’re completely available in every way?” the host reiterated.

“Yep! And ny the way,” she added with a smile, “That would be awesome if someone asked if I wanted ice cream, because that would be cool.”

Austin Mahone, are you listening? She’s like begging you to make a move.