Lance Armstrong: Scapegoated For Being the Best at Doping?

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Lance Armstrong says he doped because everyone else did, winning was impossible without it, and he's only scrutinized because he was the best at it.

Lance Armstrong Running

The disgraced cyclist's admission to Oprah about using performance-enhancing drugs tried to appear apologetic, but a lot of people didn't buy it.

Now that time has passed, Armstrong is being a lot more direct in an interview with France's Le Monde, admitting that he "didn't invent doping."

He was just better at it than everyone else.

Back in 1999, the paper, which interviewed Lance in advance of this year's Tour, was one of the first to accuse the rider of using illegal substances.

In the new interview, Armstrong says that in his day the race was "impossible to win without doping" and that he "simply participated in a system."

And since he was in that "system" and he still dominated it, Armstrong believes that he is still the all-time record-holder for most Tour victories.

He still has his seven yellow jerseys, and even though his name was struck from the record books, no one else stepped up to be declared the victor.

The Le Monde interview caused some confusion as well as controversy.

He said "In many ways, [the culture of doping] will never end," which some felt was an implication that the cycling world is still filled with dopers today.

That charge upset some athletes. However, Armstrong Tweeted that he was merely talking about his era, adding, "Today? I have no idea. I'm hopeful it's possible."

In the end, it's clear that Armstrong is still angry that he's received such harsh treatment out of dozens of dopers, simply he because he was the best.  

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