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NBA All-Star playmaker Steve Nash is making a play to block ex-wife Alejandra from moving from Arizona to L.A. so he can avoid paying child support.

Or so she claims in their contentious court battle.

Alejandra wants to relocate from Phoenix to L.A. so the kids can be closer to their dad, who is putting on a full-court press (so to speak) to defend against that.

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Nash even chose the L.A. Lakers over the N.Y. Knicks because it’s closer to Arizona, but says he doesn’t want them to move to L.A. at this moment.


Alejandra says Steve claims this is because of the possibility he may be traded or forced into retirement, which would mean uprooting the family again.

She’s not buying that for a second, though, and feels it’s because California courts are likely to impose huge child support obligations against him.

Arizona courts have not done so. Alejandra claims Steve is not paying a cent in child support … and from his standpoint, why mess with a good thing.

Alejandra says Steve admits living so far from the kids is tough on him and them, but feels he is still doing this so he’s not on the hook for big bucks.

For now, a judge has issued a restraining order that prohibits Alejandra from moving to California until their trial, scheduled for next week.

Only time will tell if a judge gives the point guard an assist and deflects his ex-wife’s request as legally out of bounds for good … sorry. We’re lame.