J.C. Penney Billboard Controversy: Is That Hitler?!?

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J.C. Penney is at the center of a new controversy.

Not because it hired Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson. But because a billboard alongside Interstate 405 near Culver City, California depicts a tea kettleā€¦ that looks eerily like Adolf Hitler!

Really, it sort of/kind of/totally does. See for yourself:

J.C. Penney Billboard

The item (from the Michael Graves Design Bells and Whistles Stainless Steel Tea Kettle) also appears on the company's website and J.C. Penney is yet to speak on the scandal.

We somehow doubt the department store was going for this subtle nod to the leader of the Nazi Party - but once you have that idea in your head, it's impossible to look at the sign and NOT think it resembles Hitler.