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A super drunk Novi, Mich., elementary school principal was recently arrested for DUI, then proceeded to slip out of her handcuffs in the back of a police car!

It was a super effort by Kim Warren, 44, but what’s a lot less cool is the fact that she allegedly violated the city’s “Super Drunk” ordinance beforehand.

Long story short: She was PLASTERED!

Super Drunk Principal

Warren was arraigned under Novi’s high-blood alcohol content DUI ordinance, which instills harsher penalties on those with a BAC of twice the legal limit.

Apparently, the principal qualified, at 0.17.

In broad daylight no less. Pretty unreal.

After two citizens called to report that a driver was swerving and pulled into the Deerfield Elementary School parking lot, ABC-WXYZ reported.


Police arrived and arrested her, but the surprises didn’t end there.

As Warren rode in the back of a police cruiser to the station, she is seen in the video slipping off the handcuffs, despite her high level of intoxication.

Not that the police were somehow blind to what was going on.

“You can hang on to them … Just don’t throw them out the window or anything,” the officer can be heard telling her after her stealthy maneuver.

Warren entered a plea of not guilty.

After Warren’s arrest, she was placed on paid administrative leave, according to a letter sent by the Novi Community School District to parents.

Novi Police Chief David Malloy said that on occasion, people maneuver their way out of handcuffs, and that it is the officer’s responsibility to check them.

If convicted under the “Super Drunk” ordinance, first time offenders face 180 days in jail; DUI typically carries more lenient sentences for first offenses.