National Pet Owner's Day: Celebrating Your Furry Friends (and Yourselves)!

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The web basically exists for two reasons: Kate Upton photos and cat videos.

We celebrate the former pretty much every day. But today, it's National Pet Owner's Day (apparently) so raise a glass to your four-legged friends - and yourselves!

So for all those animals who've made their owners famous (and regular animals who just do their thing at home and not on YouTube), this day is for you.

And for you, owners who pick up filth. Who shell out HUGE $$ at the vet. Who make them part of your family even when they break stuff and bite you.

Bottom line: It's pretty clear who is in charge here. And it's not you.

But hopefully the cuteness and fun stories make up for it. At least you can tell yourselves that. Check out lots more of THG's favorite pets after the jump!