Baby Falls Eight Stories in Arms of Suicidal Mother, Survives

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Horrific and miraculous news this week out of Harlem.

An unnamed woman plunged to her death yesterday near Bradhurst Avenue, committing suicide while cradling her one-year one son in her arms.

Incredibly, the infant survived.

Crime scene photo

Steven Dominguez, a witness, described what he saw to Pix11: “I heard like a small scream, like a yell, and I noticed something falling from the sky.”

He continued:

“The baby bounced off her chest onto the floor, face down and was crying. My mother tried to pick up the baby, but there was already a detective there, and it was his responsibility after that. I wish I never witnessed that. But I wish I nobody ever has to witness that. It’s disturbing, and horrible."

Neighbors confirm the 45-year old mother was a married attorney and that she was heard arguing in her apartment approximately three hours before her death.

The one-year old is recovering at a nearby hospital.