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Rumors of a Suri Cruise body double being spotted all over New York City emerged last week in what is either a hilarious rumor … or hilariously true.

The Daily News spotted Suri’s alleged double as recently as Friday afternoon, after her mom, actress Katie Holmes, picked her up from her school.

They were trailed, as always, by celebrity gossip photographers.

Suri Cruise Selfie

Mother and daughter hopped into a black SUV and headed down to TriBeCa for lunch, until the vehicle made an unexpected stop at a police precinct.

Out popped the doppelganger with the same coat as Suri Cruise, 6. And the same black leggings and Ugg-type tan boots with pink soles as Suri.


And virtually the same face as Suri’s. Only she wasn’t Suri.

The real Suri arrived with her nanny minutes later in another black SUV at the side entrance of a TriBeCa building that leads to the ‘Wichcraft eatery.

Wearing her favorite panda hat and carrying the stuffed toy that goes with her everywhere, the daughter of Tom Cruise was promptly whisked inside.

Big star faced with stalking or kidnapping threats will resort to using body doubles, and Tom is known to take security of his loved ones VERY seriously.

“I’ve seen this type of thing,” said one NYC private eye. “They go through private security because if they go to the police, it [could hit the press].”

The identity of Suri’s alleged double wasn’t immediately known and it’s not clear if the tyke’s duties extend to being TomKat’s real daughter’s playmate.

This could also be an amazing coincidence … but you never know.