Kelly Osbourne Ends Lady Gaga Feud, Proclaims Herself "Big Fan" of Singer

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Lady Gaga provided plenty of Fashion Police material for Kelly Osbourne on Friday when her booty split her latex pants down the middle on stage in Canada.

Don't expect Kelly to crack any jokes, however. In fact, she released a statement declaring herself a big fan of the singer and ending their ongoing feud.

Gaga recently responded to Kelly's comments about her weight, expressing shock that she's now someone "who makes fun of others for a living."

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Kelly's mom Sharon Osbourne slammed Gaga in her own letter, calling Mother Monster a hypocritical bully ... Gaga stood by her criticism of Kelly.

Rather than firing back again, Kelly took the opposite approach, telling People:

"I made stupid mistakes when I was 25, as well, when I accused people of doing things that were wrong. We all live and we learn, and like I said, I'm a big fan of hers."

"All I have to say on this subject is that I love Lady Gaga!"

As for Sharon's comments about the pop superstar?

"I have no control over my mother," Kelly said, distancing herself somewhat from Sharon's scathing critique of Gaga. "She can do whatever she wants."

Gaga had taken issue with Osbourne's commentary on celebrity appearances for E! and encouraged her to build people up rather than cut them down.

Sharon Osbourne said there are no bigger cyber-bullies than Gaga's followers, who threatened and ridiculed Kelly, and who Gaga did nothing to stop.

Kelly appears to have quashed any beef, though.

Case closed?

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