Carlton Berry, Lone Star College Shooting Suspect, Charged With Aggravated Assault

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Carlton Berry, 22, has been arrested and charged in the shootings at a Houston community college campus that left him and two others wounded on Tuesday.

Luckily, and somewhat amazingly, no one was killed at Lone Star College.

Lone Star College

A statement from the Harris County Sheriff's Office says Berry is charged with aggravated assault but he is hospitalized with wounds suffered in the shooting.

No other identities from the Texas college shooting are available.

Investigators believe a fight between two people erupted in gunfire Tuesday at a Lone Star College campus in suburban Houston Tuesday afternoon.

A maintenance man was caught in the crossfire, students and others were sent cowering in classrooms and nearby buildings were evacuated.

No one was killed, but the volley of gunshots heard shortly after noon fear of another massacre just over a month after 26 were killed at a Connecticut school.

Despite the Sandy Hook conspiracy theories, the Newtown, Conn., tragedy has thrust gun violence back into the national spotlight, perhaps like never before.