Body of Mom Found in Trunk in St. Louis

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St. Louis Police confirmed on Tuesday night that a body found inside the trunk of a white, Mitsubishi Eclipse was that of the missing Ebony Jackson. 

Police said that there was some trauma to the body.

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Jackson’s baby was found safe and sound early Friday morning inside a Breckenridge Hills apartment complex. She had not been heard from since last Thursday.

It's still not clear how her baby ended up inside the apartment.

Police are now looking for anyone who may have spent time with Ebony before she died. Jackson lived in Oklahoma but was visiting old friends in East St. Louis.

Family members say she phoned a cousin who lives in St. John and left a message on his cell phone indicating she was going to visit him. She never arrived.

Family and friends started putting up flyers over the weekend with a photo of Jackson in hopes that someone would recognize her and contact police.

Family members determined she made a phone call indicating she was in Fairview Heights with a friend. Again, no one knows who that friend was.

Initially Breckenridge Hills police were not sure whether Jackson was a suspect or a victim. Police Chief Perry Hopkins said, either way, the police are investigating.

Chief Hopkins said St. Louis Metropolitan Police did not reveal a cause of death but said they would take over the homicide portion of the investigation.

A spokesperson for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed the department's involvement but indicated there were still many issues to be resolved.

Chief among them? The baby has been in state custody pending the results of a paternity test taken by a man identifying himself as the father.