Teen Mom Reunion Special: Who Broke Up? Who's Planning a Wedding?

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SO, what are Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell and Farrah Abraham up to lately? MTV answered that on a very special reunion show last night.

It's only been like two months, but you gotta fill airtime somehow.

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Farrah Abraham

  • She is "happier" now but still clashes with her mom on how to parent Sophia.
  • Farrah went to visit Derek's grave for the 995th time, and did not cry. Phew.

Catelynn Lowell

  • All about wedding planning! The big day: July 13, 2013!
  • Catelynn already found the perfect dress. HOORAY!
  • Will their daughter Carly (who they gave up for adoption) attend the ceremony? Time will tell. They're going to write her parents and hope for the best.

Amber Portwood

  • Still serving a five-year prison term.
  • "I'm still a single dad and I'll be a single dad tomorrow." - Gary Shirley. A single dad in a very large Aeropostale shirt. Sorry, had to.
  • Amber Portwood is getting a "Behind Bars" special with Dr. Drew next Tuesday. No joke. MTV is milking this show to a ridiculous extent.

Maci Bookout

  • Maci and Kyle King split up recently because of his alleged behavior.
  • She moved into a new house with her son Bentley and her friends.
  • Ryan and Dalis broke up, which helps Maci's relationship with him.
  • He also moved out of his parents house. Knock us over with a feather.
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