Heather Morris on Nude Photo Leak: Could Be Worse!

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Heather Morris is looking on the bright side.

After self-snapped nude photos of her leaked online over the weekend, the Glee actress, 25, refuses to let them tarnish her name - or get her down.

Says a source close to Morris:

"When Heather realized the pics were out there, she wasn't thrilled ... But honestly, she was like, 'Well, it could be worse! At least I look good?'"

Heather Morris Image

Morris is "keeping a good sense of humor about the thing" and "isn't going crazy." Her lawyer is also working to get them "taken off the web."

This is not even the first Heather Morris nude controversy. Back in 2010, professional images taken before her Glee fame were published online.

"I think they are beautiful," Morris told Extra at the time.

"It's not something I'm ashamed of. Everybody should do tasteful nudes so when you get older you can be like, 'Oh that's when my body looked so great!'"

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