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Are Democrats salivating at facing the guy winning – or at least perceived, by the media, to have the best chance of winning – the Republican presidential race?

Yes, Rush Limbaugh says.

The radio host is one of several prominent Republicans who believe the party would stand a better chance with a less vanilla candidate – and Democrats know it.

Rush Limbaugh: Dems Want Romney!

“The Democrats are afraid of any candidate they have sought to destroy. You can start with Sarah Palin, you can move on to Santorum. Any – any conservative who shows any interest – the Democrats set out to destroy,” he said.

“That’s who they’re genuinely afraid of. They are not hammering Mitt Romney at all, and (Democratic strategist) Donna Brazile let the cat out of the bag. Don’t doubt me.”

Do you agree with Limbaugh’s point? Makes you wonder if Ron Paul were leading polls, how the White House and other prominent Dems would react.