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Somebody had better go check on Mike Stagliano right about now.

Holly Durst and Blake Julian, whose chemistry on Bachelor Pad was palpable but led to his elimination on this week’s episode, have since gotten engaged!

He clearly had a thing for her, but wow. Anyone see that coming?

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Monday on Bachelor Pad, Holly handed Blake a note at the rose ceremony – right as he was about to get the boot – saying that it wasn’t the end for them.

That turned out to be rather telling.

The pair, both 28, flirted all season long, but their courtship was always complicated, given that Durst’s former fiancé Stagliano was also on the program.

And wanted her back desperately.

Meanwhile, Blake (a castoff from Ashley Hebert’s season of The Bachelorette) also got with psycho Melissa Schreiber and was wooed by nut job Erica Rose.

Freed from the confines of that wild and crazy mansion, however, Holly and Blake’s love was allowed to shine. Congratulations to the engaged couple!