Jennifer Aniston: 98% of What You Read is BS!

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Jennifer Aniston says that 98 percent of the celebrity gossip you read about her is false. The positive spin there? That 2 percent must be really juicy stuff!

In all seriousness, it's refreshing to see Aniston on this Allure cover without a single mention of Brangelina, John Mayer, Josh Hopkins or what have you.

Refreshing and boring. Come on. Do we really care that Jen hated her "Rachel" cut - one of the most famous celebrity hairstyles in human history? Eh ...

When the full article comes out, we hope it's got better stuff than that teaser. Give us some dirt, girl. Some of these Allure pics are pretty nice, though:

Weird Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle
Hands Off Jen!
Aniston Allure Cover

SHE BANGS: Oh, does she ever. Love that new look, J!


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