Kardashian Konfidential Konfessions: Khloe's Virginity, Kim's Krush and More!

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Kritics of Kardashian Konfidential have understandably wondered:

What could Kourtney, Khloe and Kim possibly reveal in this "sisterhood autobiography?" The siblings blog about every aspect of their lives and let cameras film such intimate moments as a bikini wax.

Already Miserable

But we've (unfortunately) read the book and can state that it actually does contain a few juicy tidbits. Why should the public care about when Khloe lost her virginity? We have no idea. Still, it's one of several items we learned from the tome and report on below.

1. Khloe gave it up to an older man when she was 14. She used to steal Bruce Jenner's car and drive to secret sex sessions with this boyfriend, but tells readers NOT to be like her: "You should never, ever have sex when you're that young," her ghost writer she writes. "Feeling rushed and pressured and unsure should have been my clue that I wasn't ready to take that step."

2. Kourtney needs to be perfect. At least when it comes to organization. She writes about needing everything in her fridge lined up in a certain away; same for glasses and dishes. She also "has to have" pink dish gloves and the same style of hangars throughout the house.

3. Kim has a woman crush on Jennifer Lopez. She describes her first, nervous meeting with the singer/actress and how J. Lo "made me think it was sexy to have a big booty." Looks like someone will be watching American Idol this season.

4. Kim encourages you to talk to her. Saying she gets "excited" to see fans dressed in her style, this sister adds: "I like being myself, I don't want to be unapproachable."

This is especially true if you're famous and/or a professional athlete.

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