Sandra Bullock: Betrayed By Jesse James Again?!

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Jesse James is said to be pondering a relocation to Texas to be closer to estranged wife Sandra Bullock, who he still hopes will take him back (wishful thinking).

But is he reverting to his sleazy ways at the same time?

“He told me that if he doesn’t get back together with Sandra, he’s got a backup plan with another girl in Austin,” says his porn star ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder.

According to In Touch (yeah, we know) Sandra Bullock looks all sorts of radiant and happy now, but there "may be another bomb lurking, ready to detonate."

LOL. The only source of this information is Lindemulder, who says Jesse James hasn't changed his stripes at all, but who is an even bigger mess than he is.

BETRAYED AGAIN? Doubtful, as it implies she's even giving him a shot.

While a friend of Jesse’s insists he wants to reconcile with Sandra - and is seeing no other women as a result - Janine says a secret lover in Austin fits his M.O.

“Every city, even if he didn’t have a girl that lived there, he would fly a girl in,” she says. “I think Jesse gets off on that, the thrill of doing it under her nose.”

Reckless as it seems, this behavior is all too familiar for Jesse, whose two-timing ways came to light starting in March thanks to Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

“Imagine him saying he is moving to Austin to be a dad to 5-month-old Louis and to be there for Sandra, and uprooting Sunny," Lindemulder opines.

"But it's really because he might be pursuing mistresses. He could be off his rocker.”

Of course, it could also be to get away from his crazy ex-wife, Janine, who can't leave California under the conditions of her PAROLE. Just throwing that out there.

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