Janine Lindemulder to Sue Jesse James For Custody

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Janine Lindemulder is not exactly a role model for children.

After all, she just served a six-month prison term for tax evasion. It's hard to raise a six-year-old girl while you're behind bars. She's also a porn star, but no matter.

In any case, Lindemulder is now suing her ex-husband - the great Jesse James - to regain custody of their daughter Sunny. Hey, you gotta seize the opportunity.

Problem is, she can't afford to pay the legal costs to get back her little girl, of whom she lost custody while serving the aforementioned prison sentence in 2009.

Side note ... isn't Janine like a slightly hotter Michelle McGee? That point has nothing to do with this story at all, we're just saying. Dude has a type. Moving on ...

Janine Lindemulder Photo

Jesse James and Janine Lindemulder may square off in court.

Now a free woman and sensing that his image is even worse than hers, Lindemulder wants 50-50 custody, but is too broke to pay a lawyer to handle the case.

Solution? Make Jesse spot her the cash!

She's filed documents in Orange County, Calif., asking a judge to make Jesse front her a cool $5,000 for legal fees. That's sure to go over really well with him.

Despite James' claim that he wanted to get caught cheating, Janine says she doubts he wants to grant her request for 50-50 custody. Likely with good reason.

As recently as last fall, Janine Lindemulder was lobbing some harsh criticism at Sandra Bullock for her role in raising Sunny. This could get ugly, and quickly.

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