Larry King on Divorce Scandal: No Comment

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As a man who spends every night in front of CNN cameras, Larry King knows a thing or two about the power of the media and controlling stories.

But can he use that experience to control his own scandal?

The veteran journalist and talk show host is, as you know, about to divorce Shawn Southwick, who he's accused of cheating on (and vice versa).

With rumors about reconciliation and who's sleeping with who running wild, King put the kibosh on celebrity gossip - at least from Team Larry:

"Out of respect for the parties to discuss several ongoing issues including but certainly not limited to the welfare of the children, no one from the Larry King side is going to make any comment to the press for two weeks about anything."

Larry King's statement comes amid the most salacious report yet.

Yesterday, actor and Beverly Hills Little League coach Hector Penate pulled a Michelle McGee and blatantly bragged about alleged sex romps with Shawn Southwick.

Hector Penate went into real detail about nailing Southwick in Larry's bed, how she slept with him as retaliation for Larry doing her sister Shannon Engemann, etc.

She has denied the affair.

While truth and more gossip will come out (give or take 14 days' time), King's no-comment comment comes as he temporarily halts divorce proceedings.

The two are trying to "resolve some lingering issues," probably involving their two young sons. Or figuring out who exactly has been sleeping with who here.