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Former Madonna boy toy Jesus Luz signed a record deal, surely not influenced by his relationship with the Queen of Pop, and will release a single this May.

The Sun (UK) says Madge “used all her might and muscle” to get the model signed up by her former label Warner Bros. And what Madonna wants, she gets.

“She holds a lot of sway,” said a source. “There was a little give and take between her and executives, but a compromise was eventually settled upon.”

It is believed she and Jesus Luz called it quits earlier this month, citing their age difference, but their status remains unclear, especially after this news.

JESUS LUZ: Model, boy toy, recording artist.

Jesus has a two-single deal, with the label allowed first refusal on an album, too. Madonna has also been covering expenses, including his big studio costs.

The source added: “Madonna really wants Jesus’ career to take off. She’s been putting him in contact with as many of her influential friends as she can.”

His first single is apparently called “We Came From Light.” That should become an instant classic. Some proposed titles for the debut album of Jesus Luz

  • Just Luz it
  • Jesus Saves
  • U Snooz U Luz
  • Better Than Heidi Montag