Michael Jackson Autopsy Report: Complete, Even Weirder Than You Think!

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The full autopsy report on the late Michael Jackson shed light on the King of Pop like never before - and the results are probably even stranger than you're thinking.

If you've seen any Michael Jackson pictures from, say, the last 20 years, you knew there was weird stuff going on there. So weird we don't even have to elaborate.

Michael, Paris and Prince Jackson

The pop icon's death last June not only ignited waves of new and rekindled interest in his musical legacy, but posed dozens of questions about his bizarre lifestyle.

Some notable items gleaned from the 51-page coroner's report, which was released Monday and is based on both MJ's autopsy and a postmortem home search:

  1. Jackson was telling the truth when he said his odd skin color shift stemmed from Vitiligo, a condition resulting in white patches appearing on dark skin.
  2. While his Vitiligo was real, his hair was not. MJ's hair "was sparse" and connected to a wig. His real hair was short and curly; the wig long and straight.
  3. Michael had eyeliner, lips and eyebrows permanently tattooed.
  4. There are 61 photos were taken of Jackson's body before and during the procedure - way more than you see taken by examiners on CSI or NCIS.
  5. Most significantly, in light of the charges against Dr. Conrad Murray, standards for administering Propofol were not met: "recommended equipment for patient monitoring, precision dosing and resuscitation was not present."

You don't have to be a coroner to have figured #5 out.


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