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Jason Yeager is a relatively unknown American Idol semifinalist.

This Grand Prairie, Texas-native hasn’t received the same amount of air time as fellow male contestants such as Michael Johns and David Archuleta. Therefore, the following interview – courtesy of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram – ought to help fans get a better idea of what this singer is all about…

When the Dallas auditions came up, did somebody twist your arm to do it, or did you just jump for it?
I was about to turn 28, getting up there as far as the [Idol] age limit goes. I’d actually auditioned five years ago and got turned away. The very first preliminary round, they told me no. I swore the show off for a long time. Then just last year during the summertime, just on a whim, I was sort of curious to see when the next season was going to be starting and when the auditions were.

Oddly enough, two weeks later they were going to be in Dallas. They’d just posted the audition process online, and five minutes later I get an IM from a friend saying, ‘Hey, there’s an audition in Dallas for American Idol. You should go.’ I thought, wow, that must be a sign.

Your bio says your influences are Journey, Boyz II Men, Michael Buble and Josh Turner. You’ve got all the bases covered there.
I listen to a lot of stuff. Journey is probably one of my all-time favorite bands. Steve Perry is one of my biggest influences. I grew up listening to Boyz II Men. When I was able to buy my first CD player, I had to get all their music. I really have modeled myself after Wanya Morris, one of the big singers from that group.

Growing up in Texas, country has always been in my background, but I’d just never really taken up singing country. I started just listening to a bunch of the old stuff, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash and that kind of stuff. Josh Turner is one of those newer artists that kinda keeps that [classic] country [sound].

All of that mix is definitely a huge part of me. There’s definitely a country side, and definitely some old soul, like Sam Cooke. I’m a pretty wide-ranging kinda guy. I don’t do rap and I don’t do metal.