Paris Hilton Smokes Pot

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Did anyone actually believe Paris Hilton when she told Larry King a week ago that she had never done drugs?

No? That's what we thought.

Paris Presents

Nevertheless, for the tiny number of Hilton supporters out there, we felt the need to provide video evidence of Paris getting higher than Kristin Cavallari must have been when she got that Nick Zano tattoo.


Seriously, Paris. Don't insult our intelligence with your anti-drug claims.

As someone who has taken advantage of the Internet age as much as possible via your sex tape, did you really think evidence of your marijuana mishaps wouldn't spread like your legs do when Stavros Niarchos is around?

Next thing we know, Mischa Barton will claim she's never touched the stuff.

Or Lynne Spears will say she has a strong family.

Or Simon Monjack will state he's a stand-up citizen.

We could go on forever...


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