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Kelly Clarkson battled bulimia in high school.

The first-ever American Idol champion opened up in an interview with CosmoGirl about her difficult past.

As reported through Us Weekly, Clarkson began to struggle with her body image after she was passed over for a part in her high school musical.

“I thought…If I came back and I’m cuter and thinner…then I’ll get the role,” she said.

For six months, Clarkson – like another past contestant, Katharine McPhee – was bulimic, until a friend discovered her problem.

“One of my guy friends caught on to it, and I just felt so ashamed and embarassed,” she told the magazine. “I literally went cold turkey and snapped out of it.”

Ever since, Clarkson has worked hard to foster a positive body image for herself and others. She talks about her backside, one we’d prefer any time to that of Jennifer Toof.

“I’ve got a butt, I’m Greek- I can’t help that. And I think it’s good for people to see normal.”

Amen, Kelly. While we often joke about thin stars such as Keira Knightley, Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth, eating disorders aren’t funny. There’s nothing wrong with junk in your trunk, ladies.