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Music video by Rihanna performing "Pour It Up," and perform it she does. Aggressively.

Rating: 2.7 / 5.0 (57 Votes)

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Looking at the Video She is Beautiful and i like watching her but when i close my eyes and listen to the song it aint so good


Twerking is just so lame now. Can we get back to some real dancing and show their real talent!!! Or do they not know how to? Yes, they can sing, but come on. Let's see some REAL entertainment like the good old days!


All she proves is that she can hump, who can't !?!


This is one extremely tacky, trite, trashy tramp, thank God she has money cause she'd never make it in the real world, it's better that she remain in scummy Rihanna land !!!


If u don't like the video don't sweat it. Gal u gat it going on. Luv it keep it going gal.


Sounds like she's in bed with the flu while singing. Awful song. Promoting what the industry wants sold to the young.


I dont like her any better then Miley Cyrus, but at least she has the ass to twerk!


What a stupid low budget boring video. Most strippers are beautiful and quite athletic, I must say. It could have been so much better. Twerking is so last year already and Miley just made it cooorney. It's time to bring the street dancers to these videos back. They are so talented and creative.


About as close to pornography as you can get without actually being porn. Rihanna looks fab, to be sure, but if this is where pop music videos are going, it's a sad day for both the music and the film.


Rihanna is really going to make Miley, because, of the she's built to do this twerking....

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