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Polina Polonsky says she lived for weeks with Lamar Odom and he acted like a "toddler." Watch this extended interview with the lawyer and TMZ now.

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Polina Polonsky: Put to The Test!

Polina Polonsky says in this video that she had better seats to watch Lamar Odom play than Khloe Kardashian did. Burn!

Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian and Polina Polonsky

An examination of Lamar Odom, his relationships with Khloe Kardashian and Polina Polonsky and the latest revelations about this ongoing saga.

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"Klhow asked me to open the door because she said so. Since when is that a good reason?" says Polina. I know one good reason Polina should have opened the door - because Khloe's husband was inside with some whore who somehow got a law degree. This woman is a defense lawyer? Shocking.


HERVEy acting as if he is in a court room, i can't stand his gay ass, check your self before u wreck yourself, HERVEy, in my Rick Ross voice. And this begging female dog is so unethical it is ridiculous. Close your legs to married men whore. HERVEy is a bully on t.v. leave people alone old man.


A recreational crack user. Awesome!


IN THE real world (not crack whore fantasy land) we call people like this "ENABLER'S" The woman was actually excited to be doing the interview and shamelessly flirts with the camera like a child. Guess it makes sense she is a lawyer for criminals and who knows with this behavior she can keep a steady stream of business. YIKES... Love that she does not get the TMZ guys basically making fun of her through the whole video... BOTOX looking skanky enabler


I think she is so full of shit!! She had it rehearsed good.!! What a witch! What kind of woman goes on national t.v. to open a can of worms about someone who is supposedly a "good friend!" Telling millions of viewers how she's seen Odom do crack and coke and bla bla bla bla bla! Nice friend! Too bad Khloe didn't get ahold of that scraggly old hair of hers and yank it right out!! I would've.!


IF I were Khloe I would've done the same thing. I would've made a B-lined towards her and given her a smack down! Paulina has no shame whatsoever, coming on video and acting as if she is a victim. Whats wrong with these women that they feel compelled and show off their affairs in an attempt to become a celebrity. So pathetic!


It is always sad to see some one spiraling out of control with drugs. Just goes to show money cannot buy happiness. I mean this guy has/had it all! Great career, a healthy family, financial stability....what on earth could he be so down and out about to turn to crack cocaine?


i don't really know.

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