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That was fast. Lindsay Lohan's blossoming new relationship with former NFL player Matt Nordgren made headlines a week ago. Now they've split.

The reason for the short-lived couple's breakup?

He's once again linked to former Hills star Audrina Patridge. And The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong. And Bachelor winner Vienna Girardi.

Just kidding. Though he did date all three women before.

According to the insiders, this split is pretty clear-cut:

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Lindsay Lohan has a new boyfriend in former college and NFL football player Matt Nordgren, who also starred on the 2011 Bravo reality show Most Eligible Dallas.

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  • Relapse Waiting to Happen

Matt Nordgren has previously been romantically linked to ­Vienna Girardi (seriously) Audrina Patridge (seriously) and Taylor Armstrong (yes, also seriously).

You could say that he gets around the D-list circuit, and HARD.

“We’ve hung out," he recently told Page Six, regarding LiLo.

"But I've been a friend trying to support her for many years.”

Is it working? From the sounds of it ...

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Taylor Armstrong will gladly go into detail about her late husband allegedly beating her, but the reality star only has one sentence to say about rumors that she's getting it on with Most Eligible Dallas star Matt Nordgren.

"I am NOT dating anyone from anywhere! Stop the rumors! I am trying to heal with my daughter," Armstrong Tweeted yesterday.

We are very sorry, Taylor. When reporting you might be with Nordgren, we should have considered your five-year old child. By the way: when is your next primetime interview scheduled where you slam the heck out of your five-year old child's father?

Photograph of Taylor Armstrong

Both Nordgren and Armstrong admit they attended a ball together in Dallas, but merely as friends.

Taylor, meanwhile, recently said she may have "subconsciously" signed up for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because she was getting beaten and this allowed her "problems to be in the public eye to some extent... it was my saving grace."

Dina Lohan, take note: THIS is how you exploit a family tragedy for personal gain.

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Taylor Armstrong sure knows how to pick her men.

The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills - who was married to an abusive jerk, in case she hasn't made that clear in multiple interviews since the death of Russell Armstrong - is reportedly attached to Matt Nordgren, a player on Bravo's Most Eligible Dallas.

But a report in Star Magazine issues a warning to Taylor: this guy sort of sucks, too.

Matt Nordgren Photo

In 2003, court documents show that Nordgren was arrested for causing nearly $1,000 worth of damages to a classmate's car at the University of Texas. He allegedly kicked the vehicle and screamed at the passenger, who dialed 911, but later dropped all charges.

Moreover, a source describes Nordgren as "two-faced" to the tabloid, saying Taylor ought to be careful because "Matt is not who he says he is."

Then, of course, there's the most damaging case yet against this 29-year old Texan: the guy once slurped up Jake Pavelka's sloppy seconds and dated Vienna Girardi. Seriously, Taylor, we better not catch you crying your eyes out in any future sit-downs. You've been sufficiently warned this time.

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There's just something so appealing about a woman who continually trashes the late father of her five-year old child. Isn't that right, Matt Nordgren?

Insiders tell Radar Online that this star of the alleged Bravo series Most Eligible Dallas accompanied Armstrong to a ball in Dallas last week and was "very affectionate" with her

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"Matt is a Southern gentleman, and has impeccable manners," a source says. "Taylor isn't used to being treated so well by a man. It's truly amazing that she has been able to find someone that she can trust, and that she isn't afraid of."

Taylor and Matt are reportedly taking their relationship slowly, although this mole claims Armstrong is telling pals "she is in love."

We're just impressed she has time to date in between all the interviews she's giving that detail just how terrible of a man Russell Armstrong was before he committed suicide in August. Seriously, she's a keeper, Matt.

[Photos: Bravo]

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She may have found a new man by the time you finish reading this, but sources say Vienna Girardi has moved on from Jake Pavelka.


  • Vienna on a Date
  • Vienna Sighting

This might be a photo of Matt Nordgren and Vienna Girardi. It's hard to keep track of her men these days.

Vienna spent last Thursday evening with some businessman named Matt Nordgren. An insider tells Life & Style the two "were inseparable all night," adding:

"This holiday weekend he took her to La Jolla for a friend's wedding in San Diego. They really like each other."

No word on whether or not Chris Harrison showed up to offer the pair a fantasy suite for the night... if you know what we mean!

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