9 Shocking Game of Thrones Deaths

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Game of Thrones has given us plenty of jaw-dropping deaths. Here are nine of the most memorable.

1. Viserys Gets Crowned

Viserys was up there with King Joffrey in terms of douchebags we loved to hate. Even so, his death by molten gold is tough to watch.

2. Ser Rodrik: Worst. Beheading. Ever.

A prime example of a minor character who goes out in a major way. Don't worry, Theon gets his later.

3. The Death of King Joffrey

Joffrey's death wasn't particularly gory but it WAS unexpected. And it certainly wasn't unwelcome.

4. The Death of Khal Drogo

The Death of Khal Drogo
The Khal's death wasn't particularly gory. The shocking part is that this mighty warrior was brought down by a scratch.

5. Ser Hugh Gets Skewered

The joust is supposed to be for recreation. But as they say, it's all fun and games until The Mountain gets involved.

6. Rat Torture

Rat Torture
This is how torture is done in Westeros, a rat is forced by rising temperatured to chos through your innards. What a way to go.

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