Ian Somerhalder
Ian Somerhalder doesn't get the nickname Smolderhalder for nothing! It's his eyes, y'all.

Um why don't any of the people have brown eyes? They are all Blue. Are you saying brown eyes aren't pretty? Racist much? No wonder a lot of black girls hate themselves and want to look white.


How about Rihanna ?!


Where is Jesse Williams at? #fail

Jolene robinson

You forgot Jenson Ackles, Supernatural,stunning green eyes. and I'm sorry but please take a look at Boy George's baby blues


Stare in brad Pitt eyes I would lay in his arms. Dam he look good. Angie you are one lucky woman.


I'm tired nobody wants to go to bed with me they don't like me or trust me I wrote wengerocracy did you know that

Naghmeh yazdani

uh you forgot the most important one!!! "Paris Jackson" she has the most beautiful deep blue eyes!

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