1. Beyoncé is in a hot-tub with a baby? And she's highlighted at that moment as a loving, doting mom? There are reasons that health warnings are posted discouraging children in hot-tubs! This is an example of POOR PARENTING.
I look down your list and think...what do you even KNOW about their parenting skills? A shallow list. Just because a woman is pictured in a pose with a child you think they are a loving parent. (Ever watch Mommy Dearest?) Regarding Christina and Heidi...is taking nude pictures or pictures or making out with lovers in the nude really good parenting? Your kids are going to get crap for that the rest of their lives. You have kids - think beyond your own ego.
Snookie? Well, man, I wouldn't want to have to explain my life choices to my kids...but AT LEAST she HAS cleaned up her act when she became a mom. Good for HER!

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