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Not long after last night's devastating Oklahoma tornado tore through the town of Moore, Nikki Sixx posted an ad for Red Cross relief on his Instagram account.

A short while later, Kim Kardashian also took to the Internet, sending a very different message to fans:

“Love that I can gradually build the perfect bronzed glow I want with #Kardashian Sun Kissed Tan Extenders," the reality star wrote/shilled.

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  • Kardashian Baby Bump

In response to this case of very bad timing and judgment, the Motley Crue rocker addressed Kim with the following comment/question:

“Pick your priority or pick your poison. Pretty embarrassing screenshot Kim. Aren’t your 15 minutes up?”

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Nikki Sixx and Courtney Bingham are engaged to be married!

After two years of dating, the Motley Crue bassist, 53, proposed to the model, 27, during a vacation to St. Barth's this past weekend. Here's a photo of them:

Nikki Sixx and Courtney Bingham

The stunning diamond ring he gave her is reportedly 6 carats. Baller.

This will be Nikki's Sixxth trip down the aisle. Kidding. Only his third.

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As we hinted earlier this week, Jesse James and Kat Von D were having problems. Now it looks like those problems have led to a full-blown breakup.

Blame Nikki Sixx and plain old geography. Long distance NEVER works.

Here's the latest: Kat Von D, the heavily-tattooed L.A. Ink star, dumped JJ and went back to Motley Crue rocker Sixx, her ex. She and Jesse were fizzling, so that's not shocking. What is surprising is the feud between Kat and ... TLC.

  • Kat Von D and Nikki Sixx Pic
  • Jesse and Kat

For Kat Von D, it's out with the old, in with ... the older.

While filming the current season of L.A. Ink, Kat was dating Jesse James and during that courtship, producers shot footage of her trash talking ex Nikki.

They even went as far as editing an episode, which featured a "Nikki vs. Jesse" theme, posing a potentially awkward sitch for Kat. Her solution? SUE!

According to reports, Kat's "freaked out" and demanding producers cut the footage, lest she take legal action and halt Ink's production immediately.

How bad was her trash talking? We'll never know, since Kat got her way and the material was nixed! Too bad, that would have been really awkward.

In any case, Jesse's out, Nikki's in. You may now return to your lives.

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