Nicki Minaj Throws Shade at Miley Cyrus for "Hannah-Conda" Meme

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Nicki Minaj appears to be displeased with a recently Miley Cyrus Instagram photo.

No, not the one of Miley peeing.

Instead, Minaj is taking issue with Cyrus channeling the rapper via her own version of Nicki’s Anaconda single art, as she posted a photo online Sunday of herself as “Hannah-Conda,” a reference to her former Disney alter-ego.

"Give me one good reason why Miley made this her twitter avi," Minaj Tweeted in response to the following image.

Miley as Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj Single Photo

Minaj's comment was accompanied by a series of crying-laughing smiley emojis and the hashtag "#AnacondaOniTunes."

It is possible, of course, that Minaj was just joking around. The artists have been close over the years.

Cyrus actually dressed as Minaj for Halloween in 2012, while Nicki said last year that Miley is "so cute" and "down to earth" and that she really admires Miley's balls.

It's also possible that Minaj's beef has less to do with Miley and more to do with a double standard she believes exists when African-Americans show nudity versus when white women show nudity.

Either way, Miley Cyrus is far from the only person who has mocked Nicki's latest cover art.

Click through these hilarious examples of other "Anaconda" memes out there and select your favorite:

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Nicki's and Miley's family has to be completely embarrassed and disgusted for the way they portray themselves in the music business. they will never be Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross. Nicki and Miley are Hollywood dirty girls. Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross are true Queen Artists. If you have to dress trashy, dance trashy to sell music then they are in the wrong business in Hollywood. Music is about talent, not trash. If Nicki and Miley don't have respect for themselves, their families and their true friends, then how are they going to ask for respect if they don't give it themselves?


Nicki Minaj is the Hollywood's strong and bold personality. In the singers she got a huge fan club and her latest album Anaconda is making huge buzz and controversy along with.
hollywood bikini bodies

@ Malissagomes

if her music is considered music, then I can walk on water and the last time I checked, I cant walk on water, and her music isn't music, its trash.


Trash and trash!

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