Lisa Vanderpump: Family Cuts Ties With "Egomaniac" Reality Star

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Lisa Vanderpump is good at keeping up appearances, but these days, the Bravo star has more than her fair share of problems.

Lisa Vanderpump Close Up

For starters, despite Vanderpump's astronomical Real Housewives of Beverly Hills salary, she and her business partners are reportedly losing their shirts in the restaurant business.

In fact, Vanderpump sold one of her restaurants last month, following a devastating sexual harassment lawsuit from one of her employees. Her other LA hot spot, Sur, may soon go on the auction block as well.

To make matters worse, a recent report Radar Online says things aren't going any better in Lisa's personal life:

Sources say several members of Lisa's family have completely cut ties with the the reality star, claiming that she's become an "egomaniac" since gaining fame.

"They have given her too many chances and they cannot stand the person she has become," says an insider close to the family. "They do not even recognize her anymore and want nothing to do with her."

Sad stuff, but apparently Lisa couldn't care less:

She's stated in the past, "My family has not supported my decision to venture into this world."

The source confirms that Lisa is not at all concerned with the opinions of her relatives: 

"Lisa is so caught up in her world, she does not care what her family or anyone else thinks of her."

That's all well and good when you're rich, but if Lisa's restaurants keep tanking, she might soon wish she hadn't burned so many bridges.


I think lIsa is 2 faced.


I actually think Lisa and Ken are a bit flaky, and I say that as a fellow English woman. Ken was a "professional" footballer that nobody has heard of and still has the same Mullet that he must have had in the 1970's. If you watch him when somebody serves him at the table or opens the car door for him, he never makes eye contact with them or acknowledges them. To me that demonstrates a singular lack of good manners. Lisa tries too hard to be what viewers expect a well to do Englishwoman to be resulting in some fakery, she is certainly not fooling me, and that may be why her family don't recognise her any more.


Other than Ken, Max, Pandora and Pandora's husband (plus, Ken has a son from a previous marriage), do we know anything about Lisa's "family"? Does she have siblings ? Are her parents still living ?


I don't believe for a moment the trash u r writing about Lisa Vanderpump. No she's NOT perfect, but if u want to bash someone's family issues, et al, try a family with REAL problems... Like the KAR-TRASHIONS! That's a messed up family. If that's not enough, there's always Brandi Glanville!


who needs to accompany her?

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