Chris Brown Clubs with Kylie and Kendall Jenner: See the Photos!

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So... Kendall Jenner may be dating Chandler Parsons.

That's an unexpected pairing, but it's actually not the most unexpected person with whom Kendall was spotted over the weekend.

Kendall and sister Kylie were actually seen clubbing on Saturday with an entourage that included Chris Brown and Trey Songz, as each of the stars shared photos from the evening on Instagram.

(Important Note: we said the Jenners were seen clubbing with Chris Brown, not being clubbed by Chris Brown. We understand if you weren't certain at first.)

Brown, of course, is also good pals with Justin Bieber.

And while we often ask whether these young celebrities should spend time with a known woman beater, perhaps we should now turn that question around:

If Brown wishes to live the thug life, should be really be hanging with icons of the Tweeniverse?


Yep typical of useless,white trash women these days.Good luck w/the HIV Jenner swine.Another reason i only date asians and latinas...way more class and less drama.White chicks act like trash so theyre dead to me.


Bob and Weave out for that right hook.


Once you go black; you're a single mom.

@ Maximo Partagas

Or as I call them, The Untouchables.


Great maybe he smack them as well!


Wow! Shame on you people who talk bad about black people! It is probably you idiotic WP's who think the worst of them. A white man, hispanic man, chinese man, any man no matter his race or color is capable of hitting or cheating on a woman and vise versa. I am so glad that my parents raised me right and to never judge anyone by the color of their skin. I pray for people like you and if you have kids, I pray for them as well.

@ DMon

Take a hike with your self-righteous armchair MLK bs....


In my opinion, ones really do not know what to believe that is REAL, with the Kursed kardashians/jenners,who considers themselves CURSED (to men). Pimp mama kris j, has been stated is meeting up with Drake,and by the way things look on the outside pimp mama could really careless,who her young daughters hangs out with on a regular day. I saw a snippet of their show which I do not watch on a regular, so much fakeness from all of the kkk's/jenner's/pimp mama kris in tow. Instead of being a mother of protection, pimp mama kris w/bruce jenner approval enjoy the idea of putting/allowing their teen daughers out on the PROWL, looking for that young/older man/men, with a hefty million wallet. Yes indeed it is so sad and they all have been Trained by the best their own mommie dearest. I wonder which one out of all of them have gotten pregnant in secret and put the baby/babies up for adoption.Hmmmm Remember mommie dearest started her girls at the tender age of 13-14, but on a real note who really knows, right. I do wish all well.


they wonder why Hollywood kids get into bad stuff. Bad parenting, bad company and total lack of morals. Remember these are our childrens role models.


lovely…vogue,chanel, gucci et al must be so happy….that they are now associated with this trash…….


Why is a 16 year old going to clubs? And hanging out with a woman beater.

Bill milner

Even Kris should be revolted by these pix. If not, there's no hope for her daughters.

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