Kendall Jenner and Chandler Parsons: Dating?!

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Kendall Jenner's modeling career is taking off, and she must spend at least three hours a day taking selfies. But despite her hectic schedule of posing and self-promotion, Kendall is reportedly devoting some time to her love life these days.

Over the weekend, Kendall was spotted spending some time with Chandler Parsons of the Dallas Mavericks.

Kendall Jenner at Cannes
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Kendall and Chandler reportedly enjoyed a dinner together at STK in Los Angeles. Probably to avoid looking like a couple, Jenner and Parsons were joined by Kendall's sister Kylie, as well as several of Chandler's friends.

But onlookers say there was no mistaking the chemistry between the two lanky lovers:

"Kendall and Chandler were flirting throughout the meal," said one onlooker. "They laughed and chatted all night."

After spending the first three years of his career with the Houston Rockets, Parsons recently signed a $46 million three-year deal with the Dallas Mavericks.

Of course, the Kardashian-Jenner clan has some prior experience with Mark Cuban's squad. Lamar Odom was cut from the Mavericks in the early stages of his epic downfall.

Here's hoping things work out a bit better for Kendall and Chandler than they did for Khloe and Lamar. 



stay white and be loyal

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@ woowzer

but if she was ugly you wouldn't care if she dated a black guy right? lol typical :)

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Chandler dont drop in class please.. Hopefully this was just a dinner where you were with your friends and some of your friends knew them or hopefully just publicity.. You wanna see your career go down hill fast just keep up with the kardashians lol

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@ Laura Lewis

Same thing I thought. Not to be mean cause I'm sure if you got to know the Kardashians they might be nice people, however everyone who has dated one drops in class and off the radar. Kanye, Humphries, Ray J, Reggie Bush.... don't get added to that line and plus if you can take 2 years off of age and she'll be 16 and you're 23..... kind of

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