Fast Food Burgers RANKED: All Are Not Created Equal!

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Burgers. The ultimate travel food.

They're basically sandwiches on steroids ... and we're not talking about whatever's in the meat. More filling than a grilled cheese and more portable than a hoagie, burgers are just better. 

But not all burgers are created equal. Oh no. 

The secret to a great burger is in the location of the condiments and the #1 burger on this list gets it right, but you have to know how to order it that way.

From secret menus to secret sauces to tiny steamed buns, here are seven fast food burgers ranked from worst to best. Now go get some lunch!

Want a side of fries with that? Or chicken nuggets?

We've got you covered on both fronts, don't worry:


It's pretty obvious the author has no idea, or hasn't really put the time to do background research on something so simple to find out. Why does Wendy's have square patties on round buns? Because founder, Dave Thomas, would say that Wendy's doesn't cut corners. It goes back to their beginning, but if your just writing a light and breezy article, I guess you really don't have to find out anything or do any work, just post your critical opinion.

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so your turd looks different than your neighbours one.

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