Monica Lewinsky Sucks Headline: Deserved or Distasteful?

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Monica Lewinsky is featured in the latest issue of Vanity Fair.

The former White House intern - who shot to infamy in 1998 for having an affair with President Bill Clinton that included a cigar being placed in her vagina - takes responsibility for the "consensual" relationship in an essay for the magazine.

She also says she deeply regrets the dalliance and opens up about having suicidal thoughts not long after the scandal went public.

This is how The New York Post reacted to Lewinsky re-entering the news in such fashion:

Monica Lewinsky New York Post Headline

Referring to her Vanity Fair piece as “whiny,” the newspaper mocks Lewinsky for claiming her “global humiliation” made her into a shame-filled recluse.

It also makes fun of Lewinsky for saying her life "sucks" and call us crazy... but we somehow think editors were going for a double entendre by choosing that specific word.

Should the Post have been more sympathetic to someone saying they thought about suicide?

Or did Lewinsky open herself up to any and all kinds of reaction when she chose to give oral sex to the President of the United States?

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It is good that she told the truth and let the world know how she truly feels. I have nothing negative to say about or to her.


Monica will Never be able to change the history of her reputation. One of the things that she can Now build on is the fact that she has chosen to No longer live quietly as she had in the pass few years. With her beginning to give interviews and finding herself on the cover of major magazines, she obviously know that her old story is News again in the minds of readers who were Not familiar with her story from yesterday.Bill and Hillary Clinton have already established themselves as a part of the history books through living in The White House and a political power couple. Monica's Name will always be associated with The Clintons, but always as an afterthought and a joke. In all honesty, Monica has stayed out of the limelight long enough to be able to live her life without being an everyday News story. Whatever label others have painted on Monica and her infamous blue dress, after all these years, she's had plenty of time to reinvent herself and stay out of the target range of the tabloid media!!


"peace and quiet" could just as easily be found by her concentrating on building her life now . The past was horrible , why would she want to dredge that all up write a book and make money and put her face in the headlines again? Doesn't make sense.


Imagine how overwhelming it must have been for a young girl to have the most powerful man in the world coming on to her. I hope she makes some good bucks for telling her story. She is owed some peace and quiet and the comfort the money will provide.


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