Merriam-Webster 2014: Top 11 New Dictionary Words of the Year!

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From bling bling to bootylicious, new words make the dictionary every year. (Totally not sure bootylicious is there, BT-dubs, but the alliteration was too good to pass up.)

This year's entrants, not surprisingly, are heavy on the social media terminology thanks to the meteoric rise in platforms like Instagram and Twitter. 

While over 150 new words were added to the 2014 Merriam-Webster collegiate dictionary, the Top 11 words are where it's at. Check them out now:

We all know what selfies are. They're the epitome of narcissim and the need for affirmation. But we love them anyway.

Some argue that adding words like "selfie" to the dictionary is a sign that civilization is declining faster than Joan Rivers' most recent facelift.

Others, however, see adding these new, often made-up words as a way of legitimizing and accepting the rapid evolution of language.

No matter where on the spectrum you fall, you can't deny that some of these words have at least a little appeal. (Hashtag ALL OF THEM.)

They also have lots of cultural relevance, which is why we keep them around by adding them to the dictionary. We're nothing if not forward thinking, right? 


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Here's hoping you have fun with that new life partner.

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