Miley Cyrus Grabs Crotch, Curses, Shows Off Butt Bruises

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Who says life on the road is easy?

In a new Instagram photo, Miley Cyrus poses in a bikini while grabbing her crotch - and also showing off some wounds from her ongoing Bangerz tour.

Miley Cyrus Bikini Crotch

"#fuckyeahtampa yasss that's a bruise on my arssss," Cyrus captioned the following photo, which gives followers a very clear look at the area in question.

This marks the second time in just a few days that Miley has been focused on rear ends.

She stopped by a bar in New Orleans on Monday and sang all about her love for big butts and how she cannot lie.

This is also the second time (at least) Miley has posed while grabbing her crotch.

Remember this infamous Terry Richardson photos, which exposed some nipple and a very cleanly-shaven nether region?

So, what could have caused Miley's bumps and bruises? Here's a look at some of her memorable on-stage antics during her tour:

Miley Cyrus Smokes Fake Joint
Miley Cyrus is smoking a pretend, gigantic joint in this concert photo. What else would you expect, she's in Amsterdam?

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I commented on Miley Cyrus is a slut and i posted miley is lesbo music vid and she is i was right she is so fucked up that even now she have dots in her smelly asshole go clean you smelly ass ugly Donkey i can smell it from miles away i don't know how i am still standing alive on my feet that smell it is DEADLY protect yourselfs dudes MILEY UGLEY ASS IS A PERSON KILLER !


She is not singer. She is porn star


Wow miley cyrus is playing with fire.wasn't the tour bus fire enough to show her God is angry.she is playing with fire.she knows the truth.Jesus is real and He puts people in hell thru sin

@ rita maloy

While I agree, Miley is playing with fire, Jesus does not condemn people. He saves people. Jesus is pure, love, forgiving, and our savior. He is the truth, Miley can repent-- perhaps this is just a wake up call, not only for her but for a lot of people who have lost sight of Christ. I think Miley (as well as other people) could benefit from praying the sinner's prayer and basking in Christ's ultimate forgiveness.

@ rita maloy

So you think god spanked her? Too bad your mom didn't spank the idiot out of you.


She is soooooooooooo disgusting and has turned out to be nothing but pure porn. I don't know why anyone even thinks her shows are worth going to and spending money on. Everyone needs to stop enabling her.


The most rude, crude, ignorant piece of trash around. Haven't we seen enough of her already...




no doubt, only very cheap & poor americans are her fans.


Its so ridiculous, even when she totally mocks the suggestion of "sexuality" (nothing in her show is remotely obscene) with these Disney-like characters, writers try to spin the moon.